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Philippine Monthly Webcast: Philippines Travel Advice For Planning Extended Stays

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Greg fields a variety of questions concerning Philippines travel, specifically extended stays in the country.

As a Marine, Greg traveled the globe, serving his country and countless others along the way.

Upon retiring from the Marines, Greg began an interest in international dating, remembering the many cultures he experienced during his time of service.

Having worked for A Foreign Affair, Greg took several tours with the company, until finally finding his wife Glenda in Davao City Philippines.

While engaged in extended Philippines travel through Davao and Cebu, Greg learned a wealth of knowledge about Philippine culture and customs.

Every first Wednesday night, Greg offers his knowledge and expertise to men interested in dating Filipinas and traveling abroad to the Philippines.

Backed by his expert insights into Philippines travel and courtship, Greg offers the key attitudes and philosophies to help other men achieve their romantic dreams wtih Filipinas in Davao and Cebu.